5 Ways To Reuse Single Use Plastic

Single use plastic is responsible for nearly 40% of all plastic that is produced each year. The production of plastic is projected to dramatically increase by 2050. Plastic grocery bags would be an example of single use plastic. Used for quick transportation from store to home, they are typically thrown away minutes after use. Although only used briefly, they take hundreds of years to break down. When you have no choice but to use plastic, considering ways to reuse it can be beneficial to you and the environment. 

1. Turn empty soda bottles into bird feeders.

2. Use two liter bottles as small planters to start your herb garden.

3. Use plastic grocery bags as doggy bags.

4. Use plastic bottle caps for art projects. 

5. Use plastic grocery bags to clean your shower head. To do this, simply fill the bag with distilled white vinegar, submerge the shower head into the bag, tie it off, and let it soak overnight. Your shower head will thank you! 

With so many modern conveniences available to us, it is important to be aware of the impact we have on our environment. When you can't reuse your plastic consider recycling it so it can be repurposed. Hoping these fun tips are inspirations to spark creativity!